Addlands A Novel by Tom Bullough [Ebook]

Addlands A NovelAuthor: Tom Bullough
Title: Addlands A Novel
Print Length: 336
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
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Book Description:
The stark beauty of the Welsh countryside is given powerful life in this sweeping tale of one family from World War II to the present day, for readers of Alice Munro, Kent Haruf, Bruce Chatwin, and Louise Erdrich.Addlands (i.e., headlands): the border of plough land which is ploughed last of all. The patriarch of Funnon Farm is Idris Hamer,stubborn, strong, a man of the plough and the prayer-sheet, haunted by his youth in the trenches of France. The son is Oliver, a junior boxing champion and hell-raising local legend who seems from birth inextricably rooted to his corner of Wales.Bridging these two mens uneasy relationship is Etty, a woman born into a world unequipped to deal with her. Following the Hamer family for seventy years, this novels beauty is in its pure and moving prose, and its brilliant insight into a traditional way of life splintering in the face of inevitable change. Addlands is also a tale of blood feuds and momentous revelations, of the great dramas that simmer beneath the surface of the everyday. Through all the upheavals of the twentieth century, the only constant is the living presence of the land itself, a dazzling, harsh, and haunting terrain that Tom Bullough conjures with the skill and grace of a master. Advance praise for Addlands This is the book we have been waiting for from Tom Bullough, a complete work of art, astonishingly beautiful, deeply moving, and gripping from first to last. Addlands appears to be a tale of the Welsh borders, told through the battles, loves, and losses of its Heathcliff hero, Oliver, but it is much morethe story of how the land made us all, and how the last century has changed us. Zola would have saluted it and pressed copies on his friends.Horatio Clare, winner of the Somerset Maugham Award Tom Bulloughs story of one familys struggle in a world of continuity and change is beautifully imagined and exquisitely toldpassionate, lyrical, profound, sad, and sometimes, too, when you least expect it, very funny.Carys Davies, winner of the Frank OConnor International Short Story Award Addlands is a gorgeous and painstaking evocation of the land and those who work it. Bulloughs writing is a joydisciplined, observant, and musical, blissfully free of clich&eacute,.Andrew Miller, winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary AwardAn absolutely splendid book . . . Bullough roots the reader in the Welsh landscape, which like all inhabited landscapes is a place in fluxhe wants us to make it our home, to get a sense of its light and shadow and textures. Of this place hes made a world that is rich and absorbing. Every time Id pick up Addlands to read, I did so with relishto return to these pages is to come back to terrain so lushly imagined that it feels luxurious to spend time there.John Darnielle, New York Times bestselling author of Wolf in White Van Addlands is a mesmerisingly beautiful experience, a haunting fusion of person, place, and history. It is a really important contribution to the literature of the Welsh borders.Gerard WoodwardMarrow-deep in its connection to place yet global in its thematic exploration and significance, Addlands does what literature should unstintingly aspire to do: make individual lives the essential stuff of epic. In crystalline, perfect, and stunning prose, Tom Bullough sites, convincingly and movingly, the entire history of these islands in a small section of Radnorshire. Its an astonishing work of wordsNiall GriffithsFrom the Hardcover edition.

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