An Inevitable Combination… Becoming As One by Narcissa H. Nelson [Ebook]

An Inevitable Combination... Becoming As OneAuthor: Narcissa H. Nelson
Title: An Inevitable Combination… Becoming As One
Print Length: 20
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
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INTRODUCTION This book is the beginning of a series of books about the Nelson’s. They could not anticipate the test, trials and tribulations of life. But they have experienced what many couples are experiencing today. This book will help bring insight, determination, encouragement and understanding the facts of life. They want to share their experiences to bring back the original plan of marriage the way God intended it to be. If you have any unanswered questions and you’re struggling in your marriage this book is for you. Let us help you break the ground so the seed can be planted in your relationship for a fresh new beginning. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Foreword To the reader from the Editor About the Author Acknowledgments Introduction We care! Chapter 1 First Time Chapter 2 Commitment Chapter 3 I Do Conclusion Contact the Author About The Author’s Robert L. Nelson, Jr. and Narcissa H. Nelson are children of the most high God, They are spirit beings, that has a soul and lives in a body. They were raised in Passaic, New Jersey. They graduate from Passaic High School in 1982 and was reacquainted two decades later in 2002. They have 7 children combined together with 9 grandchildren. God favored them, when He united them to become husband and wife in two thousand and six. Robert accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 1988, at the Community Baptist Church of Love (CBCOL) in Paterson, New Jersey. His Life changed at the Agape Force Outreach Ministry on a Tuesday night Holy Ghost filled service under the Leadership of Rev. Michael D. McDuffie and overseer Rev. Frederick La Garde, Sr. during his relationship with Christ he was appointed and ordained as Deacon while under that Ministry in 1992. After years of trials, tribulations, God has elevated him to the next level of Leadership. He was ordained as a Minister on February 12, 2012 and became an ordained Pastor on September 28, 2013. Our Lord Christ Jesus is guiding and leading him through by the Holy Spirit that will be pleasing to Him so lives can be restored, changed, saved and renewed through our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the charge that he will keep and walk with by faith, courage, love, patience and understanding. This is what God has places and ordained in his heart. Minister Lady Narcissa is an Author, inspirational/motivational Speaker who writes and speaks about growth, hard times and getting through. She inspires others from her own many trials and tribulation. She is the author of ‘You Are Important Accept The Invitation’ She loves to operate in the gifts of the spirits, giving to others and a true believer of the living word. It is a pleasure for her to hear and watch one’s life manifest out of bondage and have deliverance by the grace of God. Robert and Narcissa went into prayer about sharing their experiences to bring back the original plan of marriage the way God intended it to be. They are a dynamic couple that God has joined together. They want to bless other married couples in every way possible to keep the unity. Because the sword (Bible) has shown them that any and everything is possible when you rely and get instruction from Him. They are going to enjoy this new this journey with you and God’s many, many, many blessings. Pastor Robert L. and Minister Lady Narcissa H. Nelson, Jr. CONTACT INFORMATION Narcissa’s Chain Reaction, LLC Attn: Narcissa Nelson Mail: PO BOX 1316, Hightstown, NJ 08520 Website: Email: Phone: 1-866-ysubmit (978-2648) Fax: 609-498-7877 ———– Email : Robert L. Nelson, Jr. Narcissa directly: (Please put information in the subject area, this area is important, due to high volume of emails.)

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