Bible Lessons for Youth Fall 2016 Leader God by Lara Blackwood Pickrel [Ebook]

Bible Lessons for Youth Fall 2016 Leader GodAuthor: Lara Blackwood Pickrel
Title: Bible Lessons for Youth Fall 2016 Leader God
Print Length: 304
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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The fall quarter of BLY explores the sovereign nature of God as seen through the eyes of the men who wrote the books of Isaiah, Hebrews, and Revelation. Isaiah helps us visualize God as the one who rules the whole universe. In Hebrews, we see how God comes to lead humankind in the person of Jesus. Finally, John helps us see God as the beginning and end of all things.This trust curriculum has been refreshed, while keeping everything you love about the resources. Bible Lessons for Youth is a comprehensive 6-year Bible-to-life curriculum that helps teens apply the Bible to their real-life. Its teacher-friendly format is built around a step-by-step sequence with thought-provoking activities designed to help youth understand Scripture and apply it to their individual experiences.The Leader Guide makes teaching Bible Lessons for Youth easy with each session broken up into small segments. Complete Scripture texts are printed in all books. (No need to pause while everyone hunts for the appropriate verse.) At any time during the quarter you can refer back to the convenient Overview section found at the front of the guide and also take a moment to read the Teaching Tools article provided at the back of the guide. Don’t forget to check out the Out and About activity that will allow your students to take what they learn in Sunday school outside the classroom, enhancing their faith journey..BeginThe Bible Lessons for Youth format of Explore, Focus, and Connect is an intentional learning approach to help teens FOCUS on the original context, EXPLORE how the passage speaks to their lives, and CONNECT with how to live out Gods Word in their daily lives and in the world.Key VerseTaken from the passage printed in the student book, this verse can be used to emphasize Scripture memorization in your class.Take-AwayThis is the basic point of the lesson and is summed up in a short sentence. Its the big idea you want your teens to grasp from each weeks session.Bible LessonFor easy access, the Scripture passage your class or group will explore is taken from the Common English Bible, and are coordinated with the Uniform Lesson Series. Contains options for younger and older youth.Fall Theme: Community (Acts)

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