Cat’s Paw (Veritas Book 1) by Chandler Steele [Ebook]

Cat's Paw (Veritas Book 1)Author: Chandler Steele
Title: Cat’s Paw (Veritas Book 1)
Print Length: 337
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Reviews: ‘Chandler Steele brings a welcome fresh voice to romantic suspense, penning a story that is as emotional as it is a fast-paced thriller.’ Dianna Love, New York Times Bestselling author ‘Chandler Steele knows how to tell a story. Cat’s Paw is a fast-paced thrill ride, full of whiplash action with a heavy dose of emotion. A great read.’ Leslie Tentler, award-winning author of The Chasing Evil trilogy Dear Reader: If you are uncomfortable with strong language and/or adult sexual situations, then this is not the book for you. Should you wish to find a book that better suits your tastes, check out this Clean Reads list on Goodreads page: Book Description After five years in a Louisiana prison, Alex Parkin desperately wants to start over. Even more, he craves revenge against Vladimir Buryshkin, the New Orleans drug lord who framed him for cocaine possession. The second he walks out of prison, Alex is a wanted man, both by the Russian mob, and by Veritas, a private security firm that claims to be ‘on his side.’ When his sister is brutally beaten, he has to choose: Join forces with Veritas, or let Buryshkin destroy his family. Because of the Russian mobster, Morgan Blake lost both her husband, and her career at the FBI. Now working with Veritas, she’s eager to take Buryshkin down. So eager, she’s willing to do anything to make that happen, even sacrificing a certain ex-con, if needed. As a load of tainted cocaine hits New Orleans’ streets, the body count quickly rises. To prevent more deaths, and a potential drug war, Morgan and Alex must learn that revenge comes at too high a price, and that love always has its own agenda. Veritas Series: CAT’S PAW (June 2016) KILLING GAME (July 2016) BROKEN DREAMS (August 2016) KNIFE EDGE (December 2016)

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