Closer by Morning by Thom Collins [Ebook]

Closer by MorningAuthor: Thom Collins
Title: Closer by Morning
Print Length: 274
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
Passion and love bring them together. Murder could tear them apart.When Matt Blyth, a handsome young lawyer, joins an early morning boot camp, all he wants is to get in shape. His thirtieth birthday is approaching fast. He’s ready to throw away the past and embrace a new future. The last thing he expects is to fall in loveor become embroiled in murder.Dale Zachary, an American actor, is stuck firmly in the closet. He spent his twenties playing good-looking jocks in bad horror films and romantic comedies. But that boy-next-door act has a limited shelf life. Dale lands the role of his career playing a sexy, psychotic killer in a major British TV series. It’s a part that could make him a star. It’s no time to fall in love, but when Dale meets Matt, the attraction is impossible to resist and they both fall hard.Someone is killing young men in the city. A killer like no other. The murders bear an uncanny resemblance to the script Dale is shooting. A devious mind is at work. As their relationship becomes more complex, Matt and Dale find the murders intruding further into their lives. The killer is closing in on his next target. It could be either one of themor both.About Thom CollinsThom Collins is delighted to make his debut as a Pride Publishing author. His love of page turning thrillers began at an early age when his mother caught him reading the latest Jackie Collins book and promptly confiscated it, sparking a life-long love of raunchy novels. He’s been writing for as long as he can remember and recently celebrated his 21st year in print. He has adopted a number of pseudonyms in that time but is probably best known as Thom Wolf, author of gay erotic fiction. His stories featured in dozens of popular gay magazines throughout the 1990s leading to the publication his first novel Words Made Flesh in 2000. In addition to his novels, he has written several novellas and short stories for both print and digital publication.Closer by Morning is the book he has been building to all that time and marks his debut as a mainstream romantic author. He loves creating strong sexy characters in a world of glamour, excitement and danger. He’s currently working on the first novel in a trilogy of romantic thrillers.Thom is married and lives in Durham, North East England. He loves all kinds of genre fiction, especially bonkbusters, thrillers and horror. He is also a cookery book addict with far too many titles cluttering his shelves. When not writing he can be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes. He’s a keen traveller with a fear of flying that gets worse with age, but since taking his first cruise in 2013 he realised that sailing is the way to go.

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