Craftspeople In Their Own Words by David Bacharach [Ebook]

Craftspeople In Their Own WordsAuthor: David Bacharach
Title: Craftspeople In Their Own Words
Print Length: 265
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
Craftspeople in Their Own Words brings together 80+ stories written by 75 craftspeople describing their lives in the studio, on the road, or at various American craft shows from the 1960s to the present.Covering a wide range of topics, from selling leather work at the Woodstock music festival in 1969, to surviving a microburst at an outdoor show in Denver, conversing with a homeless person in Washington, DC, enduring the theft of months of work, or remembering a cherished colleague, the book offers an intimate look at the experiences and philosophies of highly creative professional artists in clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, mosaics, and other media, whose studios are located in diverse urban anad rural settings. Most of the story contributors are American, one (Marlaine Verhelst) is European. Lavishly illustrated with approximately 240 color and black-and-white photos of craftspeople and their work, the volume is edited by fellow craftspeople David Bacharach, Valerie Hector, Ken Girardini and Susan Levi-Goerlich, and published by Craft Community Press of Cockeysville, MD. Michael Monroe, esteemed curator and longtime champion of the American craft community, contributed the Preface. All proceeds will benefit the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), a national non-profit organization based in Montpelier, VT, which promotes the well-being of American craft artists. Story contributors include James Aarons, Fran Addison, Emanuela Aureli, David Bacharach, Michael & Maureen Banner, Joyce Barker-Schwartz, Curtis Benzle, Jeanne Bisson, Meb Boden, Myra Burg, Patricia Burling, Kathleen Caid, Jack Charney, Michael & Harriet Cohen, Candiss Cole, Donna D’Aquino, Jaclyn Davidson, Victor Di Novi, Glenn Elvig, Ken & Julie Girardini, Alan Goldfarb, Harvey Greenwald, Peter Handler, Valerie Hector, Joe Henderson, Suzanne Herbert-Forton, Jane Herzenberg, Karen Hill, Mary Hughes, Marianne Hunter, Reiko Ishiyama, Lorraine Jackson & Paul Friedman, Madeline Friedman, Stacey Jarit, Sally Jones, Laura Kandel, Linda Kaye-Moses, Po Shun Leong, Susan Levi-Goerlich, Dawn Lombard, Sergio Lub, Thomas Mann, Kelly Marshall, Jan Mayer, Jennifer McCurdy, Randy McDaniel, Jennifer McGuire, Pay McVay, Seymour Mondshein, Judy Neugebauer, Mary Lynn O’Shea, Robert Pillers, Peter Petrochko, Jeanne Petroskey, Gary Picariello, Jim Rosenau, Marne Ryan, Alice Scherer, Eric Serritella, Rob Sieminski, Jonathan Simons, Josh Simpson, Marlaine Verhelst, Graceann Warn, Marilyn Webster, Candone Wharton, Charles (C.T.) Whitehouse, Pamela Whitlock, Joanne Williams, Dave & Roberta Williamson, Helga Winter, Elise Winters, Jeff & Susan Wise. A print book is planned for release in summer, 2016, with proceeds also going to CERF.

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