Deadly Aid by Michel Tarou Ebook Download

Deadly Aid
Author: Michel Tarou
Title: Deadly Aid
Print Length: 206
Language: English
Format: PDF,ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt

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Book Description:
Jeanne Lebrec knows that in real life, criminals are rewarded and the virtuous suffer. As a social worker, she has dedicated herself to helping the poor, the desperate, and the down and out, but now it seems like all she sees are deadbeat dads and drug-addicted moms who use people and have no desire to better themselves.One day, after a particularly heartbreaking case, Jeanne reaches her limit and does something unexpected-with deadly consequences. Before long, she’s secretly practicing her own twisted version of ‘social services.’ In a world where bad guys win and good guys pay, is there a difference between justice and retribution

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