Defensive Handgun For Everyone Else an illustrated guide by Martin Carter [Ebook]

Defensive Handgun For Everyone Else an illustrated guideAuthor: Martin Carter
Title: Defensive Handgun For Everyone Else an illustrated guide
Print Length: 78
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
An illustrated guide to handgun mastery written by a veteran and former Rangemaster at a nationally known school in Nevada. This manual is a simple, no-nonsense guide for the average gun owner, the people who don’t have the option of spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of rounds on the range. If you pay for your own ammunition, this guide is for you. You’ll find the knowledge contained within these pages to be uncommon sense, because common sense is no longer good enough. This is a new look a gun training with a philosophy for private citizens and the keys to mastery you won’t get anywhere else. With a little commitment and time, everyone can master the handgun. One to three, 15 minute dry practice sessions per week and several boxes of ammunition per month will get you handling a gun better than most professionals. Until now, most defensive handgun training has been adapted from Law Enforcement or Military training, but when you understand there are only three things you need to make a difference when it counts the focus of civilian gun training changes. An awareness of your surroundings, a proficiency with your firearm and a willingness to act is what it takes. Everything else is just additional training. This guide will give you exactly what you need to learn and train the fundamentals of handgun proficiency. The sad and very real fact is that most people carrying a gun for personal protection right now just the don’t have the skills to get the gun out of the holster in a rapid, efficient manner, put accurate rounds on target or keep the gun running. And those are just the fundamentals you absolutely need to give yourself a fighting chance. Even more disturbing is that the majority of people representing themselves as instructors are actually amateurs with very little skill. This guide will tell you how to separate proficiency from BS. If you’ve been shooting for some time, this book is about tough love and a rude awakening, because what you thought was an advanced level of skill, probably isn’t. If you’re new to shooting, you’ll be getting started the right way with simple, explicit instructions on proper techniques that many people who’ve been around guns their entire lives don’t know. Read this manual because the last thing you want is set yourself up for failure with a false sense of security. Inside is the knowledge that anyone can achieve handgun mastery with the right techniques and the proper training. About the Author: Martin is a graduate of LSU and veteran of the Army and Army National Guard with 16 years of service in the Infantry, Military Intelligence, Communications and Logistics fields. He’s a former Instructor and Rangemaster at a nationally known firearms school in Nevada who taught Defensive Handgun, Advanced Tactical Handgun and the Youth Program. He’s trained military, police and civilians from all walks of life and all skill levels. Martin is the founder of Praeceptor Firearms Training in Southeast Wisconsin, formerly Echelon Tactical Solutions, and the author of Bounded Allegiance as Carter Burke.

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