Depression When The Darkest Hour is Every Hour by Robert Dave Johnston [Ebook]

Depression When The Darkest Hour is Every HourAuthor: Robert Dave Johnston
Title: Depression When The Darkest Hour is Every Hour
Print Length: 247
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
THE ENEMY WITHIN There is a great destroyer, an invisible tormentor living among humanity, dwelling within our own flesh and in our own minds, a parasite bent on causing only pain, misery, rage, sadness, hopelessness and, if possible – death. But not necessarily a natural death, it can often be violent, tragic and unexpected. On the other hand, this sickness can claw at a person’s heart and soul for an entire lifetime, leaving the sufferer empty and lost – ‘dead in life.’ The recent suicide of actor/comedian Robin Williams I think finally is making everyone realize that, yes, it IS this serious. And there are millions of ‘Robin Williams’ out there, suffering and thinking about ending their lives. Or perhaps they won’t take their lives for fear of God or damnation in hell, but they still live lives of silent desperation, an internal pain at the center of their chests constantly ripping at their souls and feeding them with negativity, lies, half-truths and distortions. So assailed, millions turn more and more to drugs to ‘medicate’ the monster. But the parasite won’t be appeased. It will expand, double, triple and quadruple his attack until the person commits suicide or dies, alone in a corner, empty, hopeless, with glassy eyes that speak of a relentless assault which has robbed him of all dignity, faith and nearly all semblance of humanity. But I’ve written this book to bring a message of hope, deliverance, healing and restoration. No matter how long one may have sunk into the hell of depression, so one can bounce out and recapture the beautiful essence that was – life. Indeed, the conversation must continue, we must come together (in knowledge and action) to fight this behemoth, to carry a message of hope and recovery. That no matter how low one may feel, there IS light at the end of the tunnel – SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER! In Depression, When the Darkest Hour is Every Hour, the author talks candidly about the decades he spent in the grips of this crippling condition, how low he sunk, what the turning point was, and how he overcame chronic isolation, negativity, despair and repeated suicide attempts. The author also talks about historical figures who also battled depression and how they managed it (without the help of today’s advanced treatments and medications). Much of the book is dedicated to outlining strategies, diet and lifestyle changes that helped the author overcome depression, as well as an entire chapter on psychotropic medications, the good, the bad and the ugly. Various therapeutic styles are discussed and evaluated. All in all this book gives the reader a thorough manual on depression, how it affects the mind, the symptoms, how to treat it, how to halt depressive episodes, how to transcend negative thinking and train the mind to focus on the positive, finding help for deep-seated emotional trauma, spirituality, helpful holistic practices and much, much more. f you suffer from mild, severe or chronic depression (or if you know someone who does), this book will prove itself to be invaluable and a crucial tool on the journey of recovery. Depression, When the Darkest Hour is Every Hour will be released in Amazon Kindle format on 08/10/2016, and in paperback by 08/17/2016.

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