Hart’s Reward (Pirates & Petticoats Book 3) by Chloe Flowers [Ebook]

Hart's Reward (Pirates & Petticoats Book 3)Author: Chloe Flowers
Title: Hart’s Reward (Pirates & Petticoats Book 3)
Print Length: 129
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
Before Keelan and Landon can pursue the pirates who kidnapped both her brother, Conal, and his ship, they must complete their mission to help smuggle runaways from Charleston to Philadelphia. With slavers in pursuit of their hidden cargo, Keelan is thrown into a world of hate and deception. When an accident takes Landon’s memories from the past five years, Keelan must fight for her life as well as recapture Landon’s heart. How can she help Landon remember why he fell in love with her when he doesn’t even want her on his ship? Landon’s eyes widened and traveled from Keelan’s face down to her bare breasts, then over her boy’s breeches and boots then back up again. ‘What in God’s name.’ He clenched his jaw and in two strides closed the space between them. His movement finally broke her temporary paralysis and she lunged for her shirt still draped over their bed. His bed now, since he had no memory of ever sharing it with her. He reached her before she could take a second step, grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall of the cabin. His crystalline irises flashed in anger. ‘Who the hell are you?’ His gaze raked once more past her stained face, neck and chest to her creamy white breasts, tight, rosy pink nipples and pale stomach. ‘And no more lies,’ he growled. If he expected her to shrink in fear, he was going to be disappointed. Keelan lifted her chin and glared back at him as best as she could, considering the top of her head barely reached his jaw. No more tiptoeing around the truth, then. ‘I am Keelan O’Brien Hart. Your WIFE.’ Chloe lives in Ohio with her tall, dark and handsome husband, three children and two rambunctious dogs, Indiana and Luke, who are named after her two favorite action heroes. Chloe’s love for pirates began with Peter Pan and continued with Pirates of the Caribbean and ghost stories about pirates from the Outer Banks. In her youth, she loved reading Kathleen Woodiwiss novels. Today, she loves reading books by Julia Quinn, Debbie Macomber, Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, John Sanford, James Pattenson, George Lucas, Linda Howard, Miranda Liasson and Sheridan Jeane. Variety is bliss.

2 thoughts on “Hart’s Reward (Pirates & Petticoats Book 3) by Chloe Flowers [Ebook]

  1. Once I started reading it, I finished it in five days; that’s the shortest amount of time I’ve ever taken on a book!

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