Learning Android Game Development by Håvard Kindem [Ebook]

Learning Android Game DevelopmentAuthor: Håvard Kindem
Title: Learning Android Game Development
Print Length: 152
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Key FeaturesBe introduced to core game development topics by getting hands on with real-world 2D game development.Through this uniquely designed guide, you’ll be a game developer in no time!If you’re looking to move into Android game development, this is the book for you, especially if you are looking to take pride in developing games from scratchBook DescriptionFocused on 2D game development, Learning Android Game Development is an entry-level look at how to make games on the Android platform. You’ll learn to build complete, slick, and intuitive Android games as we turn you from a beginner who has little experience into a competent 2D Android game developer.This book will improve your knowledge of the Android platform and will show you how you can start making games using your existing Java knowledge. We cover the basics of creating your game, adding in GUIs and game menus, creating online leader boards, and adding in login pages with Google + or Facebook.By the end of the book, you’ll have created your first Android game and learned how to publish it to the Google Play store.What you will learnUnderstand the challenges of making games in Android versus desktopUse the fundamentals of OpenGL and its pipelineWrite reusable building blocks that are essential to making gamesWrite and use common algorithms that are used in gamesBe able to write GLSL shaders to write amazing visualsUnderstand what make games fun to playDistribute your first gameAbout the AuthorHvard Kindem is a game developer from Norway, who has a long-lived passion for games and game development. He started programming at an early age, which later resulted in an MSc in game technology.During his studies, Hvard became the founding member and CEO of Fallen Leaves Interactive, a group focusing on PC, Xbox, and Android development. The company made games for clients such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and contributed to Games4Health.During his time in the National Lottery Association in Norway, he created multiple entertainment games both traditional and using augmented reality.Currently, Hvard is employed at Schibsted as a Software developer, working with huge amounts of data in cloud solutions, enabling data science and personalization for millions of users. Hvard remains an avid gamer and game developer, when he is not busy releasing a new project, he loves to return to the old classics or spend the evenings playing guitar.

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