Like A Comet The Indestructibles Book 4 by Matthew Phillion [Ebook]

Like A Comet The Indestructibles Book 4Author: Matthew Phillion
Title: Like A Comet The Indestructibles Book 4
Print Length: 336
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
The Indestructibles: Jane, the solar-powered girl, Kate, the ballerina vigilante, Billy, who shares his brain with a cosmic-powered symbiotic alien, Titus, a werewolf with confidence issues, and Entropy Emily, a Whovian with a black hole where her heart should be – together with their mentor, the magician Doc Silence – have saved the world from a sentient hurricane and a living plague. They’ve even traveled through time to rescue an alternate timeline. But now they face their greatest challenge yet: a messenger from the stars, a creature with powers just like Billy’s, has crash-landed on Earth with a warning of a pending alien invasion. The young heroes must rally their forces and turn their attention to the stars. It’s all hands on deck as the Nemesis Fleet, an armada of living ships and ancient, parasitic, mind-controlling creatures, speeds toward Earth like a hive of locusts. Enemies become allies and friendships are challenged as the Indestructibles try to pull out every trick in their arsenal to save the planet. Like a Comet is where the Indestructibles stop being students and start to become the heroes they were destined to be. But will they be strong enough?

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