Living with Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes by Roy Lique [Ebook]

Living with Strokes, Alzheimer's, DiabetesAuthor: Roy Lique
Title: Living with Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes
Print Length: 348 pages
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
The book is about a couple who is under extreme pressure to maintain a normal life despite the ravages of the diseases: diabetes, Alzheimer’s, four bouts of strokes, and congestive heart failure which have befallen the author’s wife. The saga about the couple is true and is still ongoing. The story telling in the book will probably stop when either the subject of the stories or the story teller himself is gone. The book has only two main characters, the author and his wife. The author, acting as caregiver to his wife, tells stories about the events that are affecting his wife. Plenty of those events affect her differently compared to other people because of her impaired mental and physical capacity.In addition to book front details and an index, there are 21 chapters in the book corresponding to various aspects affecting the author’s wife. Chapters include:Chapter 1 – Progression of Bodily Disorders, Chapter 2 – Caregiving, Chapter 3 – Protracted Living, Chapter 4 – Recreational Activities, Chapter 5 – Anxious Moments, Chapter 6 – Vacation Cruises, Chapter 7 – Destination Alaska,Chapter 8 – Destination Californian,Chapter 9 – Destination New York,Chapter 10 – Destination The Caribbean,Chapter 11 – Destination Florida,Chapter 12 – Destination France,Chapter 13 – Destination Hawaii,Chapter 14 – Destination Italy,Chapter 15 – Destination London,Chapter 16 – Destination Mexico,Chapter 17 – Destination Niagara Falls,Chapter 18 – Destination Spain,Chapter 19 – Destination Holland,Chapter 20 – Cruise Incidents and Events,Chapter 21 – Well Wishes from Us,IndexEach chapter has enough scenes and details to describe specific events that affect the author’s wife. For example the followng scenes are described in: Chapter 3 – Protracted Living:Quality of Life in Ruin, Food Dilemma,Incontinence,Breakfast Scene,My Daily Tasks,Spiritual Commitment,Socializing Amidst Adversity.Based upon the events that adversely affect his wife, the author sets up a mission to make her as happy as possible during her remaining life. His mission is to devote utmost effort in extending to her affordable conveniences while she is still in a condition to appreciate them.Her idea of being happy is being able to travel. She still appreciates the visible aspects of things around her. The author does not waste any time implementing his mission. He does not want to have lingering regrets of missing the opportunity of affirming his love for his wife. Her condition is dire, she might degenerate into complete helplessness anytime.Progressing Alzheimer’s and the fourth stroke are dampening the author’s mission, nonetheless, he becomes even more determined to achieve it. He has as many plans as his wife is able and willing to take, without exacerbating her frail physical and mental condition. The plans are currently on hold evidently due to her condition.Each travel time provided plenty of scenes and topics to describe. The book is built up by different places visited and unique events that affected the couple. It is also built by changes in the habits and idiosyncracies of the author’s wife.The designations of the diseases: Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes are contracted by the author to ‘S.A.D’ to sound like the mood when someone is sorry and unhappy when things are not turning favorably his way. Things are turning very much against the author’s way.

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