Nimhyana’s Sculpture by Manfred U. Osterroht [Ebook]

Nimhyana's SculptureAuthor: Manfred U. Osterroht
Title: Nimhyana’s Sculpture
Print Length: 194 pages
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
by Manfred u. OsterrohtThe author of this book, manfred osterroht, renown for his always hot writings, as ‘ubiquity’ and ‘tarnished orgy’, his latest work however, ‘Nimhyana’s Sculpture’ is quite contained, and leisurely written. This book is of a different kind And will surprise, when nimhyana tells us that art is not only to be seen, and underastood, as there is much more to it – as we thought there was ‘Nimhyana’ there after becomes a modern fable, of mysticism, which will shake our bias of perception and reality Of what is, and is not By which it becomes daunting real And then, endaringly romanticImagine this An unknown south african sculptor, has one of his art works sold, which by destiny falls in the hands of the greatest art experts from london Avaluating the work of this artist, to the highest reaches But facing a quandary – who is this artist, and from where is he?To find this unknown artist, they contact derk innes a man of integrity, who lives, and is familiarized with south africa, and was the original owner of that sculpture However, derek himself, could never have foreseen, the dangers lingering on the way to find this artist A simple mission, of impossible obstacles Hard-pressed into a world of strange perceptions, in which reality, never seemed to be what we perceive as such Derek realizes he stepped into something for which he was not prepared fore And when he thought he was safe That was precisely when his greatest challenge came over him Turning then this amazing sculpture from ‘nimhyana’, into an unexpected fascinating little gem That will stay with you forever An endaring and unforgettable book!’NIMHYANA’S SCULPTURE’, WALKS ALONG IN LINE, TOGETHER WITH ALL THOSE SIMPLISTIC, BUT POWERFUL BOOKS AS: ‘THE LITTLE PRINCE’ by SAINT EXUPERY, ‘SIDDARTHA’ by HERMAN HESSE, ‘THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA’, by ERNEST HEMINGWAY, OR EVEN ‘THE PEARL’, by JOHN STEINBECK ONLY THIS TIME, WITH ALL THE FLASHY APPROACH, OF THE TODAY’S CALLED ‘MODERN WESTERN CULTURE’… ‘NIMHYANA’S SCULPTURE’ by M. u. OSTERROHT, TRIES TO GIVE A NEW A NEW INTERPRETATION, OF WHAT ART ACTUALLY REPRESENTS, AND HOW WE SHOULD LOOK AT IT AND THIS AUDACITY, COMING FROM ONE SINGLE LOST VOICE, OUT OF THE DISTANT AFRICAN SAVANNAH THIS CERTAINLY WILL HIT ALL THE DRUMS IN THE WORLD OF LITERATURE

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