Noodle A story of everyone, including you! by Moira [Ebook]

Noodle A story of everyone, including you!Author: Moira
Title: Noodle A story of everyone, including you!
Print Length: 96
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
Noodle touches cultures and beliefs, gently, to open an Omnitheistic view. The residents of Earth are well past the ‘What’ of the global village, the global economy and global interests. Right now, we are now knee deep in the quagmire of ‘How.’ Noodle does not tell us how, rather raises questions we need to answer if people are to figure out how to live, work and love across belief boundaries. Market: &#xf0b7, Children age 5 to 12, young readers age 10+ &#xf0b7, The adults who buy for them &#xf0b7, Adults &#xf0b7, Secular and non-secular educators Representative market feedback includes: &#xf0b7, Tears from Jason, a 25-year old single father and all-American male, who felt compelled to re-read it until the third time which brought him to tears. &#xf0b7, Anger and offense from Debbie, a southern grandmother and pre-K teacher of many years. &#xf0b7, Surprise from Dawn, whose husband ‘never reads this stuff.’ He did, and got a bit misty. &#xf0b7, Approval from Grady, whose perspective as a grade-school reading teacher of 20+ years led him to conclude that the language is a direct, solid target for fifth graders, replete with a few ‘stretch words.’ He also shared that he can see adults reading it to younger children, and appreciated himself the layers of meaning available for adult exploration. Author notes: &#xf0b7, The motivation for authoring Noodle was frustration with contradictions between human beliefs and actions. &#xf0b7, Noodle might be considered a feminist view, although that was not a writing motivation or intent. &#xf0b7, Opens positive discussion between children and adults, and between adults, on ‘God’

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