Spyder’s Rebellion, or How to Overthrow a Middle School by Crispin Sartwell [Ebook]

Spyder's Rebellion, or How to Overthrow a Middle SchoolAuthor: Crispin Sartwell
Title: Spyder’s Rebellion, or How to Overthrow a Middle School
Print Length: 274
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Spyder (Sarah Paulette Eider) is a 14-year-old anarchist and writing prodigy who more or less overthrows her Pennsylvania middle school, in concert with a wild group of non-conformists and interesting non-non-conformists. One of the few books to take teenagers seriously as political activists and intellectuals, this novel traces the characters’ awakening to the problems of the world around them – from animal cruelty to ridiculous authoritarianism. It rollicks through their disagreements, as well as budding romances, party weekends, strange preferences in music, problem parents: in short all the accoutrements of modern adolescence. If you were thinking of overthrowing a public school (peacefully, more or less), you could get some tips, for the story is based on real events in the lives of the authors. Crispy overthrew Alice Deal Junior High School in 1972. Like ‘Hunger Games’ without the hunger or the games, like ‘The Fault in our Stars’ with plenty of faults but zero stars. –Bogul S. Purvy

2 thoughts on “Spyder’s Rebellion, or How to Overthrow a Middle School by Crispin Sartwell [Ebook]

  1. OH MY GOD! This has got to be one of…if not the best book I have ever read. It was written so well, and the characters were all amazing.

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