Stuff Brits Like by Fraser McAlpine Ebook Download

Stuff Brits Like
Author: Fraser McAlpine
Title: Stuff Brits Like
Print Length: 368
Language: English
Format: PDF,ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt

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Book Description:
If youre looking for the best biscuit to dunk in your tea, the ideal temperature at which to serve real ale or the perfect pasty for your trip to the seaside, you eitherA)Have been desperately seeking a book exactly like this one or,B)Have secretly become British without realizing it.If you chose A, congratulations, you are an Anglophile! And, if you chose B, dont panic. With the help ofStuff Brits Like, you will soon discover the joy of these and many more delightful British peculiarities and can develop an upper lip as stiff as any youve seen onDownton Abbey.British native Fraser McAlpine set out to do for his countrymen what Stuff Parisians Like did for their neighbors across the channeloffering a guide to their particular tastes and eccentricities with all the cheeky wit you might expect from the people who gave you Nol Coward and Eddie Izzard.You may know to say football instead of soccer and crisps instead of chips. You may even know why taking the piss is more fun and less unsanitary than it sounds. But with Stuff Brits Like, youll be ready for the next pub quiz in no time.

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