The Art of Waking Up 40 Days to Awaken Your Brain by Angela Caughlin [Ebook]

The Art of Waking Up 40 Days to Awaken Your BrainAuthor: Angela Caughlin
Title: The Art of Waking Up 40 Days to Awaken Your Brain
Print Length: 170 pages
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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The Art of Waking Up- Combine New Findings in Neuroscience With Spiritual Wisdom to Make Lasting Changes-As we write the stories of our lives each day, our life balance is determined by different desires and motivations. This balance is seeded by thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs, which are often unexamined and unconscious. The underlying core of The Art of Waking Up uses neuroscience as the foundation to make lasting changes in our brains and in our lives by changing the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs we live from. Through a series of journaling questions, called Try It Now Questions, throughout the chapters the reader is guided to explore the negative thoughts and feelings that drive them to do the things they do, and determine where to invest their energy to make changes. The end result is a personally designed 40 day JOURNAL- a template, as the reader comes to understand the interconnection of both science and spirituality-and how that balance of both enhances the ability to connect their own energy more directly to the collective natural flow.Many describe the book as a guide for getting from who you think you are based on what you were taught to believe, to becoming your authentic self- based on your core values. This book asks tough questions designed to uncover the person we know as ourselves in order to find our core. It is my intention in writing this journal to sift through some of this complex information and put it into a format that is easy to read and applicable to individual, real lives. I offer the reader a bigger picture of what is possible in the quest to change negative thoughts and feelings in order to co-create one’s life.

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