The Blind Raven (A Bird of Night and Sunlight Book 1) by Regina Del Madrigal [Ebook]

The Blind Raven (A Bird of Night and Sunlight Book 1)Author: Regina Del Madrigal
Title: The Blind Raven (A Bird of Night and Sunlight Book 1)
Print Length: 83
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
All her young life, Daphne, a blind girl, has been sheltered in her grandmother’s old manor house of Mayfalls. She has never set foot outside the gated estate, and yet she has flown over oceans, touched the peaks of mountaintops, and has discovered places both ancient and unknown through her guardian raven, Rayne – her Sight and her sole link to the outside worlds. One fateful day the charismatic Blood-Fey Prince, Count Alistair Mandrake, pays a visit to the manor with his enchanting companion, Ambrose D’Archer. Ambrose understands Daphne in a way no else can. He had been caged beneath his master’s castle since his youth, and longs for the day when he will be free to soar the skies. Daphne experiences a love she will never forget in Ambrose before he is ultimately taken from her. She escapes her captivity at the manor and embarks on a quest to find him again. Her journey leads her to uncover her own forgotten past – a castle where she once lived in her infancy, her father’s mysterious connection with the powerful aristocratic family, the Mandrakes, and their long history of bloodbaths, and a twin brother whom she was made to believe existed only in her dreams. While within herself, she begins to awaken a hidden power that could harm those closest to her. With occults and masked killers on the hunt for Mandrake blood, Daphne’s undertaking will mean risking her life.and the fate of the one she holds most dear.

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