The Crown Is Mine by Berlinda Wall [Ebook]

The Crown Is MineAuthor: Berlinda Wall
Title: The Crown Is Mine
Print Length: 318 pages
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
‘The Crown Is Mine’ is the story of Tyler, a young, handsome gay man from a small town in Georgia who moves to the big city of Atlanta at the encouragement of his best girlfriend, Marjorie. Looking to escape his overly religious mother and a dead end job, Tyler quickly settles into his new life with Marjorie in an apartment with a view and a new job at an upscale hotel in Midtown Atlanta. With Marjorie and her friends, Tyler quickly finds a social life, but his dating life is a disaster. With each date and experience he is convinced that he will never find love in his life. At the suggestion of his new friend and co-worker, Germaine, Tyler signs up to compete in the Miss Club Cabaret, a fundraiser/drag pageant, and becomes obsessed with becoming the first Miss Club Cabaret. The winner, the contestant who raises the most money for their chosen charity, gets the crown. As Tyler soon learns, these girls are fierce, and often petty, competitors, especially head mean girl, Athena Parthenos. With his friends’ help Tyler slowly transitions from rube in the city into a seasoned entertainer. Still lacking the top dollars that will help him win the contest, he finds himself compromising his friendships and his small-town morals. As his show, a rendition of a defunct TV show entitled ‘Smash,’ becomes a hit, Tyler’s recognition in the gay community rises and he is quickly wooed by the ‘A-List’ Gay community where he becomes a party attraction at all the ‘A-List’ Gay events. However, the strain of the competition and his newfound fame takes a toll on his relationships, they are stretched to their breaking point until eventually everything snaps. As friends fall to the wayside, and his star falls, Tyler finds himself alone. After his mother suffers a stroke, Tyler takes a hard look at himself and realizes what is really important in life. With a newfound drive and determination, Tyler is able to muster up the courage to rekindle old friendships, refocus his priorities, and make it through the final night of competition until someone is crowned, Miss Club Cabaret. ‘The Crown Is Mine’ is a love story, it is the story of self-discovery and one gay man’s journey to find true love of himself and others for all the right reasons.

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