The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess by Bindu Dalmia [Ebook]

The Diary of a Lutyens' PrincessAuthor: Bindu Dalmia
Title: The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess
Print Length: 295
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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The book brought tears to my eyes. I loved Akshraa as a woman who endured her travails with fierce pride and a strong resolve, who sacrificed for love, yet never compromised on values. Poignant, sensitive and inspirational, Akshraa is the soul of the Indian woman, repressed by male dominance, yearning to flower.’-Salman KhanChronicling a middle-class girl’s tumultuous journey over five decades, The Diary of a Lutyens’ Princess is satirical yet inspirational, heartbreaking yet heart-warming. Starry-eyed young Akshraa defies her parents to marry the man she loves, but soon realizes that youthful passion does not always translate into everlasting togetherness. Carving a professional niche for herself in her early thirties, she becomes one of a rare and successful breed of intrapreneurs’. Her life takes another turn when she falls for and ties the knot with Suryaprakash, the scion of one of the first families of business India, a package that comes riddled with its own set of sorrows. But Akshraa retains her vivacity and spiritedness, penning witty observations on the superficially perfect lives of the elite, beautiful people in exotic locales, yet in a state of search and sufferance, undergoing the same travails as any one of us. While doing so, she discovers her own path to salvation, as she bravely resets the rules of femininity: To own up to ambition and a life-on-purpose is sexy!

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