The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh by Paulina Petrocova [Ebook]

The Ghost of Vincent van GoghAuthor: Paulina Petrocova
Title: The Ghost of Vincent van Gogh
Print Length: 716
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
Colette Aurora Theroux is haunted by the ghost of Vincent van Gogh until a man comes between her and her loyal phantom. That man is Sheehan Xavier Donovan. Born into privilege in Ireland, brilliant, and gifted to play the piano since childhood due to a condition called savant syndrome, Sheehan’s sensational abilities take him far as he becomes a renowned pianist and composer, jet-setting around the world and socializing with the powerful elite. But a night of excessive alcohol changes everything when a fatal car accident kills his only brother Charlie and the son of a prominent judge. The tragedy leaves the pianist partially crippled and scarred, and overnight his extravagant life vanishes. Convicted of double manslaughter, Sheehan is sentenced to a year in an Irish penitentiary where an unlikely friendship develops with a fellow inmate who takes him under his wing. Upon his release, and unable to play the piano in front of an audience any longer, his wealthy father exiles him to Maine to live in a seaside lighthouse with an attached cottage. There he becomes a recluse, spending his days composing music, watching his eccentric neighbor paint by the sea, and reminiscing about the life he once lived. Sheehan’s neighbor is Colette, born in France from a Parisian woman and African American father. As a young child she would sketch on the streets of Paris, and as her talent evolved she became a sought-after pasticheur, painting copies of masterpieces from some of history’s greatest artists. She marries a prestigious art dealer, but soon afterward finds herself a widow engrossed in legal woes and is forced to relocate from her mansion in Greece to a small beach house in Maine. Being consumed with the death of her husband, she spends her days numbing herself with wine and painting famous replicas, all the while sharing her sorrows with the mysterious and elusive ghost of Vincent van Gogh. A cataclysm transpires between the pianist and the painter, fusing these two broken souls together, resulting in an unexpected, raw, passionate affair. A journey awaits them both, one that will take Colette around the world to heal, and another that will lead Sheehan to compose the greatest opera he has ever written.

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