The Killing Interactive Quiz eBook (Movie & TV Quizzes 3) by J.R. Collins [Ebook]

The Killing  Interactive Quiz eBook (Movie & TV Quizzes 3)Author: J.R. Collins
Title: The Killing Interactive Quiz eBook (Movie & TV Quizzes 3)
Print Length: 276
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
This is an interactive quiz based on the American TV political/suspense drama entitled The Killing, which is based on a Danish TV series entitled, Forbrydelsen and is produced by AMC. The American TV program lasted for four seasons and is now available for streaming on Netflix for a monthly subscription fee. The Killing stars many talented actors including Mireille Enos (World War Z). In the first season, of the smash hit AMC TV program, Seattle Police Detectives, Lyndon and Holder, try to come to terms with the tragedy that strikes the Larsen family who did not know their daughter, Rosie, quite as well as they thought they did. Lyndon is preoccupied with other personal and family matters during the Rosie Larsen case, but she manages to penetrate the fog of the western sea board, and give this missing persons case the attention that it and the Larsen family deserve. Holder is not exactly an ideal role model for young people as he and Lyndon wrestle with their own personal demons, as the political campaign of a popular councilman becomes embroiled in the case as well. What possibly could an upstanding member of city council, who is now running for Mayor, have to do with the disappearance of a charming young girl with a promising future in front of her? Season 1 delves into this question with numerous other suspects coming to haunt the clarity of the case. Even though it officially began as a Nordic crime series, The Killing has now become engrained within the American psyche of millions of American TV viewers! In the following sections, you will be given a series of multiple-choice and true/false questions regarding the story line, characters, and dialogue of the television series. Each possible response is underlined for hyperlinking to another part of the ebook. One of the wonderful features of this eBook is that all of the quiz questions are clickable within the book, so no Internet connection is required. That means that you can take your Kindle or other e-reader device with you on a vacation and you do not need any Internet connectivity in order to play the full quiz game including all of the interaction provided, showing whether you have clicked on a correct or incorrect answer.

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