The Science EE Earning Full Marks on Your Science Extended Essay by Daniel Slosberg [Ebook]

The Science EE Earning Full Marks on Your Science Extended EssayAuthor: Daniel Slosberg
Title: The Science EE Earning Full Marks on Your Science Extended Essay
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Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
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Book Description:
This short step by step guide to earning full marks on the International Baccalaureate science extended essay (including biology, chemistry, and physics) gives guidance and assistance to students to maximize their extended essay marks. Important changes from the previous EE, such as the new form EE/RPPF required at the start of the EE process, are highlighted for advisors as well as students so that nothing stands between a student and their A on their EE. About the Author Daniel Slosberg has always loved science, from the time when he was six year old and got his first chemistry kit and promptly set up shop in his parents photography lab, to the time when he was eight and wasn’t satisfied with his first electronics kit but wanted to keep going back to Radio Shack to get more parts to incorporate. At university he built a computer from transistors in his dorm room, only shorting out the electricity for the entire dorm once in the process and he went to Germany to study solar physics, quantum physics, and particle physics. He returned to the US to study general relativity and more quantum mechanics before he graduated, and in graduate school he published a paper on extracting water from Martian soil and he worked on the pickup ion data from the Cassini spacecraft. Daniel started teaching in 1995. Astronomy at first, and then physics, math, computer programming, architecture and various other courses to the present day. He started teaching the diploma in 2004 at Centennial High School in Corona, CA and continued in Hong Kong, China since 2007 where he has been advising students on their DP Extended Essays in Physics as well as in Business and Math at Victoria Shanghai Academy (in Hong Kong, not Shanghai). It is his hope that this short book will allow both his own students and students all over the globe to achieve greater success in writing their science extended essays so that they can increase their point total enough to get into the college of their dreams. The future, however, is why Daniel writes. He feels every young person requires a strong foundation in science, not for its own sake, but to be used throughout life. He hopes the students reading this book will enjoy the science in their investigations and more importantly will apply scientific thinking and experimentation usefully in their daily lives long after they have graduated from the diploma program. Personally, Daniel will use his scientific to figure out how to live on Mars–you can find more of his writings in the Proceedings of the Mars Society.

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