The Universal Theory of Immigration by Adam Bethlehem [Ebook]

The Universal Theory of ImmigrationAuthor: Adam Bethlehem
Title: The Universal Theory of Immigration
Print Length: 178
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
Format: PDF, ePub, mobi, azw, kf8, txt, ibook, Kindle

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Book Description:
God is losing the plot – impatient with his angels, throwing temper-tantrums and treating heaven as a personal fiefdom. Gabriel thinks its time the Old Fellow took a break.Its nothing apocalyptic but London is a confusing place without the powers of pre-eminence and, of course, there are problems which bedevil the life of any immigrant … The Universal Theory of Immigration is a contemporary parable set in heaven and the west-end of London. The story follows God as he becomes short-tempered and is persuaded to go on holiday. He is an enthusiastic tourist until a romantic encounter with a taxi driver leads him to consider the impossibility of his predicament and he decides to return home.As he waits to re-enter at the gates of heaven, he is reminded of the ill-tempered behaviour which originally led to his holiday. He is inspired by recollections of his taxi driver and makes an escape before anyone can interfere.Back in London, this time as a fugitive, God discovers that the privileges of his former existence offer little protection in a modern secular society. He is forced to confront the difficulties which perturb the life of any immigrant and achieves success only when he learns to adapt his talents to newly reduced circumstances.

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