Tigers by the Tale Great Games at Michigan and Trumbull (SABR Digital Library Book 38) by Richard Riis [Ebook]

Tigers by the Tale Great Games at Michigan and Trumbull (SABR Digital Library Book 38)Author: Richard Riis
Title: Tigers by the Tale Great Games at Michigan and Trumbull (SABR Digital Library Book 38)
Print Length: 278
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
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Book Description:
For over 100 years, Michigan and Trumbull was the scene of some of the most exciting baseball ever. This book, the collaborative work of 34 members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), portrays 50 classic games at the corner, spanning the earliest days of Bennett Park until Tiger Stadium’s final closing act. From Ty Cobb to Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg to Al Kaline, and Willie Horton to Alan Trammell, the illustrious names of Tiger legends shine forth in these pages. A must-read for those who love the crack of the bat, the glory of green grass, and tales of great games well told. ‘[M]ore than anything, [Tiger Stadium] has been a cherished home to our memories’ -Ernie Harwell, Tigers broadcaster Preface, Basil M. ‘Mickey’ Briggs April 28, 1896: There Used to Be a Haymarket Here, Marcus W. Dickson April 25, 1901: Welcome to the Big Leagues, Richard Riis July 16, 1909: ‘I Never Saw Anything Like It’, Phil Williams August 24, 1909: An Honest Slide, or a Case of Malicious Intent, Jeff Samoray October 14, 1909: ‘Most Exciting World Series Game Ever’, Mitch Lutzke April 20, 1912: Frank Navin’s Field of Dreams , Jim Wohlenhaus July 4, 1912: George Mullin No-Hitter, Mitch Lutzke September 20, 1912: Smoky Joe Seeks a 17th Straight Win, Rich Bogovich August 4, 1918: Cobb Single in 18th Defeats Big Train, Richard Riis April 30, 1922: Charlie Robertson’s Perfect Game, David L. Fleitz June 13, 1924: The Day All Hell Broke Loose, Mike Lynch June 2, 1925: ‘…Wild as Bedlam’, Gregory H. Wolf May 10, 1927: ‘I’m Glad to Be Back Here…’, Richard Riis October 2, 1927: Heilmann Takes Title, Chip Mundy July 14, 1934: The G-Men Pull Off the Miracle, Jeffrey Koslowski September 10, 1934: ‘Happy New Year, Hank!’, Matt Keelean October 4, 1934: Rowe Takes the Cardinals to School, Gregory H. Wolf October 9, 1934: ‘This is a Case For Judge Landis’, Brent Heutmaker October 7, 1935: Goose Goslin, Money Player, Scott Ferkovich October 3, 1937: ‘Whistling Jake’ One-Hits Tribe, Stops Johnny Allen, Terry W. Sloope May 4, 1939: Who is That Kid?!, Bill Nowlin October 6, 1940: Newsome’s Performance Marked with Extraordinary Emotion, William M. Anderson July 8, 1941: ‘Listen, You Lug…’, Marc Lancaster July 1, 1945: ‘We Want Greenberg!’, Richard Riis July 18, 1947: Hutchinson Ends Yanks’ 19-Game Win Streak, Mike Whiteman July 20, 1947: 58,369 Fans Most Ever, Ruth Sadler June 15, 1948: ‘Look at Your Wonderful Lights Here…’ Scott Dominiak June 23, 1950: ‘A Fellow Doesn’t Have a Night Like That Very Often’, Chip Mundy July 10, 1951: ‘We’re the Big Guys Now…’, Marc Lancaster May 15, 1952: ‘I’ve Got to Get Married More Often’, Gregory H. Wolf June 17, 1961: The Tiger Outslug the Yankees, Steve J. Weiss June 24, 1962: ‘It Was a Long, Long, Long Ballgame, John Milner 36. June 15, 1965: ‘I Had Pretty Good Stuff’, Steven Kuehl September 14, 1968: ‘VJ Day All Over Again’, Scott Ferkovich September 17, 1968: Unlucky Hero Wins Pennant, Jeff Samoray October 7, 1968: Jose Feliciano Lights Tigers’ Fire, Scott Ferkovich July 13, 1971: ‘He Crushed It’ Scott Ferkovich October 2, 1972: Lolich Fans 15, Doug Lehman October 11, 1972: Northrup’s Wallop Wins It, Raymond Buzenski July 15, 1973: Ryan Tosses No-Hitter Gregory H. Wolf May 7, 1974: LaGrow Knuckles Under to Wood, Will Bennett June 28, 1976: Bird is the Word, Scott Ferkovich June 4, 1984: The Bergman Game, Maxwell Kates October 5, 1984: Slurves, Yackadoos, and a Pennant, Susan A. Lantz October 14, 1984: Gibby Cooks the Goose, Susan A. Lantz October 4, 1987: Tanana Beats Toronto, David Raglin October 10, 1987: Local Kid Sheridan Makes Good, Jeff Samoray May 28, 1995: ‘It’s an Outright Crime to Lose That Game’, Jerry Nechal September 14, 1998: 18 Pitchers, 3 Records, Steven Kuehl September 27, 1999: Tears and Cheers, Gregory H. Wolf

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