TRANSHUMANISM. Today & The Future. A Simpleton’s study guide. by John R A Smith [Ebook]

TRANSHUMANISM. Today & The Future. A Simpleton's study guide.Author: John R A Smith
Title: TRANSHUMANISM. Today & The Future. A Simpleton’s study guide.
Print Length: 52 pages
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
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Book Description:
Educational Study for the everyday idiot or simpleton who has little to no understanding on Transhumanism.A Study into emerging technology, a new generation is emerging and the future is based on transhuman technology.As a layman and someone who is only exploring this incredible subject. I found this interesting in coming to understand thoughts and emotions and self-awareness, and how it can become incorporated into machines and in the mind mechanics on a quantum level.Even basic search on websites and browsers will bring hundreds of hits if you simply start researching into Transhumanism, or Transhumanism technology. Then there will be blogs, hundreds of them covering this very subject, it is almost as if the social media sites are craving this new technology and humans are wanting to advance themselves into super creations.Already we have bionic body parts, and as the technology evolves new discoveries are opening a treasure chest of possibilities. Or is it a treasure chest?Could it not also have a very negative side which if in the wrong hands could destroy civilisations. Try imagining terrorists with this technology. ISIS groups enforcing their will on those trapped by their ideologies. When you view it from that perspective it becomes scary and less attractive. Yet the so-called Pandora’s box is already open and it is too late to close the lid now. Why? Simple because of fear that someone else will acquire this technology before you do.Look at the Singularity group on Facebook, it is growing so fast, why simply because people are wanting to feed on this knowledge, some fantasise over it, others are desperate to see again. My own mother who is 94 years old and blind, said she would not care if she looked like a Borg if it meant she could see once again.So, what is Transhumanism and how will it affect our future?I shall explore this subject and give you a platform from which to launch your own studies and to enable you to build a database from which you can learn from and share with others.It is the future. But remember this is an educational study. (Let the Journey Begin.)

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