Troubleshooting electronically controlled automatic transmission Automatic Transmissions by Happyson Gavi [Ebook]

Troubleshooting electronically controlled automatic transmission Automatic TransmissionsAuthor: Happyson Gavi
Title: Troubleshooting electronically controlled automatic transmission Automatic Transmissions
Print Length: 120
Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch
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Book Description:
Electronic, Automatic Transmission (EAT) has drastically evolved over the past two decades due to increase in global technological advancement and the need to have highly efficient automobile with improved fuel economy. Though modern EAT could be easily diagnosed for shifting problems with a mere scan tool and an oscilloscope they are not necessarily easy to fix. Planetary gear controls, electronics and hydraulics of transmission has significantly changed, in the past years, it was the Modulator, Throttle valve, Accumulator and Governors that were used to control & regulate the hydraulic pressure and therefore the gear shifting of old cars. Everything is now computer controlled by an onboard computer known as Power Control Module (PCM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM) depending on the make & model of the car. Electronically controlled Shift solenoids, Vehicle Speed Sensors, TPS sensor, MAP sensor & many more other sensors have replaced the Modulator, Throttle Valve and Governors making modern cars more efficient but however very vulnerable to any form of mechanical & electrical damages caused by rapid vibrations, thermal and electrical shorts. These Solenoids have very low resistances, in most cases not more than 10 ohms and are Duty Cycled by the PCM / TCM for that matter. Troubleshooting transmission problems is now divided into 3-set of problems, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical. This book will help you to distinguish those three problems. A small problem of gear 3-4 Shift Solenoid will cause a car to fail to have an Uphift & Downshift in those gears, however a simple diagnosis will eradicate that problem, this book will guide you, step by step. Most Uphift & Downshift problems however occur as a result of underperforming charging systems and poor batteries, this book will educate you new quick & easy ways of troubleshooting charging system without use of expensive equipment. This book addresses various input & output sensors to the PCM / ECM that controls the transmission system. The book addresses the various solenoids associated with the transmission system such as the Shift Solenoids, Torque Convertor Clutch Solenoid (TCC) and many more. The book will address the electronic / electrical theory behind the transmission systems paying close attention to TCM architecture. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) common in most American cars will be addressed in this book. More importantly this book will address Harsh Shifts problems due to faulty pressure solenoid. Understanding this book will help anyone to understand the principle of operation behind every automatic transmission system and diagnostics procedures. This book is a must for everyone to have it.

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